Tired of that rushed feeling every morning…

Have you been thinking that farm or acreage life might be the way to go? Are the street lights and traffic jams getting you down? Why not moved to the rural where the smell of fresh air and the sound of birds singing and trees whisper could be your wake up calls! Try your hand at small town living where everyone knows you, why not start today, make a plan set a goal and start your new adventure in 2019. There is no better time then now….

Do people still buy properties in winter you ask…..

The answer I have seen yes!

There are a few reasons for this, job transfers happen any given time of the year, people tend to have more time to sit back and decide its time to make the change and now we as a family have the time to do that.

Buyers also see it as sellers maybe desperate to sell so they will have better negotiating powers. Also real estate agents aren’t as busy so they have time to work with us. Smart buyers can see what the property has to offer at the coldest time of the year, does the house have a draft or how does that fireplace warm up the living room. What better time to search the web and shop from the comfort of home and find their next nome!

Life generally slows down in the winter for a lot so there is more time to browse and put a plan in place.

Oh my where did the days go! First Thursday of Open Houses

Today is a different open house, it’s our Hudson Bay new location open house At 608 Churchill Street Royal LePage Renaud Realty. Stop by today or on a Thursday this month for a cupcake and coffee between 1-3pm and check out our new office space.

I have rented my work spaces since 1999 and finally had the opportunity to invest in our own building. Pretty excited to say that Brad & I own this property ourselves. Maybe our first step to town living if all goes as planned.

I know so many don’t understand or maybe actually don’t really care but working with a team in the real estate world is important I believe. So as I continue to work with the Tisdale Royal LePage office I know I will never have to face whatever tips the apple cart alone. Katherine, Keith, Carson, Cindy, Karen, Myra & Jamie are always their for Janice & me and of course our invested partners Matt & Todd want the best for all of us.

So for those wondering minds YES I own this property and YES our office agreement is a bit different and YES working as a collective team is my choice and YES I will continue to invest in my home town Hudson Bay.

Why stand alone when you can stand together!

I have never been so overflowing with excitement to have made such a great career choice.

If our paths don’t cross today or on one of our open house afternoons this month may you always fill welcome to stop by for a visit!

Time to move the receptionist desk

Another huge day and one that will make life creative for the next 10 days. Sasktel will not be coming to move our phone service till the 29th so that means printers and desktop computers and office phone are not movable so we will make do but can not completely move over till the end of the month.

Today the receptionist desk and everything possible will move over to 608 Churchill and find its home.

The welcoming outside of the new office area is coming along beautifully. I painted the primer on the fence boards yesterday while the carpenter Dennis figured out the steps. The ramp for the people who have trouble with steps is complete and I have a suspicion that we make just have one or two of our local deer looking in at us one day thorough the front picture window.

For now you will catch us at 123 Main Street or 608 Churchill Street best to text or call my cell phone (306)865-7338 so I can meet up with you.

Office for rent Main Street Hudson Bay, SK

We will be saying goodbye to our current office at the end of October which in Turn makes it available for YOU!

If you haven’t been to my current office at 123 Main Street it has 2 private office spaces and an entrance receptionist area along with 2 washrooms at the back of the space. Currently the owner is asking $300+gst. Electric heat and central air. For more information stop by, text or call myself or the owner.

Opening new office in a month

It’s been a busy 2 weeks, prep & painting has been the focus and of course my personal office space entrance.

Sure looking forward to the weatherman receiving the memo that it’s only September and this snow is not a welcome site yet!

The cold days have helped to keep the focus on the indoor Renos necessary but it’s soon time to make an exterior entrance and a yard plan.

Ms. Paisley thinks grandmas office house is the best and she sure does like it. She’s been helping grandma with the painting cause you know we have those energy bars and we need those to keep us going.

We will be officially moved to 608 Churchill Street October 30th, ready or not as our phone and internet will be hooked up over there on the 29th of October.

Just text or call me if I am missing at my current office as for the next month I will be in between places and our market has buyers & Sellers in a flurry with the reminder that winter is on its way and it’s business as usual though the Renovations & moving stage.

If your interested to Follow the office Reno progress it’s #painting #officerenos #CorinneReineoffice

To follow what’s for sale #homeforsale #corinnereine #hunting #buyerswanted #royallepage www.corinnereine.com www.hudsonbayhomeforsale.com

New office to open this fall!

Note that this information is outdated.

Well my friends what a summer it’s been! Some big decisions transpired this past couple months with my career and adding to the mix my sons wedding this past weekend was the absolute best event yet that I could have asked for!
So today I was busy with my first step in my exciting journey of planning and picking out my office colours and furniture for my new office in my new OWNED building, yes after many years of renting a space from my salon days to my real estate days I have made a huge commitment and have purchased a property to work out of. More details to come as they unfold.
In the midst of this past week with everything I was able to get an accepted offer on a house, another new house listed and a SOLD sign will be going on tomorrow. If there is one thing I have learned in this career multitasking is a must!
Here is a glimpse of my sold sign on the house I purchased. I asked the seller to stand in front of her sign once we had made the deal but she declined but yes the sign went up a whole 48 hours this spring.

When/Where: Hudson Bay, Sask