Opening new office in a month

It’s been a busy 2 weeks, prep & painting has been the focus and of course my personal office space entrance.

Sure looking forward to the weatherman receiving the memo that it’s only September and this snow is not a welcome site yet!

The cold days have helped to keep the focus on the indoor Renos necessary but it’s soon time to make an exterior entrance and a yard plan.

Ms. Paisley thinks grandmas office house is the best and she sure does like it. She’s been helping grandma with the painting cause you know we have those energy bars and we need those to keep us going.

We will be officially moved to 608 Churchill Street October 30th, ready or not as our phone and internet will be hooked up over there on the 29th of October.

Just text or call me if I am missing at my current office as for the next month I will be in between places and our market has buyers & Sellers in a flurry with the reminder that winter is on its way and it’s business as usual though the Renovations & moving stage.

If your interested to Follow the office Reno progress it’s #painting #officerenos #CorinneReineoffice

To follow what’s for sale #homeforsale #corinnereine #hunting #buyerswanted #royallepage

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